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Speech, Feeding, and Myofunctional Therapy

KT Therapy provides comprehensive evaluations and individualized treatments to help infants and children thrive through improving their communication and feeding skills.   Our mission is to help families identify the root cause of their concerns and work collaboratively towards improving their quality of life.

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Speech Therapy


Feeding Therapy


Myofunctional Therapy

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Call us for a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns, determine if an evaluation is needed, and if KT Therapy is a good fit for you.


An Evaluation is conducted to identify your child's strengths and areas of concern.  Results and recommendations with be reviewed and a treatment plan and goals will be created.


Therapy sessions are individualized to meet the needs of each child and help them achieve their goals.   Sessions are child-led so therapy is fun, engaging, and meaningful.


Watch your child grow, achieve their goals, and thrive!  Not only resulting in a better quality of life for them, but your family as a whole!

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